DNSSEC/IPv6/nTLD: 13 to 17 October 2014, Amsterdam


IPv6, DNSSEC and the new Top Level Domains (nTLDs) are important business driver for Internet providers today. IPv6 ensures growth, DNSSEC enables a new security infrastructure, and the new Top Level Domains create a new market for domain names in the Internet.

This class covers all three of these important and timely topics which would normally require three separate classes.

Best For

ISPs, telecom companies, domain resellers, registrars, registries


  • Good understanding of DNS
  • Familiarity with the UNIX environment (file structure, basic utilities) and with text editing in UNIX (vi or nano editor).
  • A working understanding of IPv4 addressing and routing.

Length of Session

5 Days


Day 1

  • IPv6 Essentials
  • IPv6 Address configuration
  • IPv6 Address Planning
  • IPv6 Routing

Day 2

  • IPv6 NAT (Network Address Translation)
  • IPv4 over IPv6
  • IPv6 Tunneling
  • IPv4 sunset
  • IPv6 security
  • IPv6 and DNS
  • DNS Server and IPv6
  • IPv6 and Web Services
  • IPv6 and E-Mail
  • IPv6 and network time protocol

Day 3

  • DNS Fundamentals 101
  • DNSSEC Theory and History
  • DNSSEC Introduction
  • DNSSEC Infrastructure Requirements
  • DNSSEC server
  • Signing tools
  • DNSSEC Deployment

Day 4

  • DNSSEC Validation
  • Signing zones with NSEC3
  • DNSSEC Key rollover
  • DNSSEC tools and troubleshooting
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

Day 5

  • New Top Level Domains
  • Management and troubleshooting tools
  • Security and nTLDs
  • nTLDs and Applications


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