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Recent Contributor Highlights

Comcast made a major contribution to help support the 2014 development of the new Kea DHCP server.

Craigslist has made a significant contribution in support of our nonprofit mission, as part of their commitment to the Internet and Open Source.

Facebook, Inc., has made a contribution for 2014 to help support continued development of the Kea DHCP server.

JANET, the UK’s Research and Education Network, made a much-appreciated 2014 charitable donation to ISC.

These contributions, and others like it, go directly to supporting the maintenance of our free open-source software, improving the quality for all.

F Root

ISC has operated F-Root, one of the world’s thirteen root name servers, since 1994. We also provide secondary DNS hosting for 50 ccTLDs around the world.

F-Root is distributed using “anycast” technology with 57 operational locations carrying ~25% of all root name server traffic, and operating an average 16,000 queries per second.

In 2014 we added new nodes in Kuala Lumpur and Chennai, India, and updated several others to IPv6. We also developed a new, smaller (less expensive) F-root node design, suitable for sites with less traffic. We welcome inquiries from sites interested in hosting and sponsoring a new F Root node.  Read our Network Operations Report for 2014.

As of February 18th, 2015, we have just added our newest F-root node, in Luanda, Angola.

Upcoming Events

APRICOT/APNIC 39 Hakata-ku, Japan All Day, 24 February, 2015 - 06 March, 2015

DHCP Workshop Arlington, United States 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, 10 March, 2015 - 11 March, 2015

Netnod spring meeting 2015 Stockholm, Sweden All Day, 11 March, 2015 - 12 March, 2015

IETF 92 Dallas, United States All Day, 22 March, 2015 - 27 March, 2015

Intro & Advanced DNS and BIND Topics [Hands-On] New York, United States 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, 23 March, 2015 - 27 March, 2015

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